About ALEX J Dance Arts:

ALEX J Dance Arts is a program that runs from September through June. Ages range from 3 & up and we offer training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, African, Praise, Tap, Acrobatics, and Pointe. Dancers in the program participate in shows throughout the year. Our goal is to provide extraordinary dance training in a positive and professional environment. We expect our students to grow to the best of their abilities both technically and artistically.




Registration for the 2016-2017 season begins Monday, August 15th, 2016. Registration fee is $15.






Class Attire

Core Classes (Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip- Hop) - Custom Leotard (Colors vary by level), flesh tone convertible tights, flesh tone ballet shoes, black jazz shoes, black sneakers (Hip-Hop),

Boys must wear white tank, or leotard.

Black Shorts (Hip-Hop class only)

Additional Classes (Tap, African, Acro, Praise, Pre-Pointe) - black tank top, black tights or sweatpants, black tap shoes. Students who take Pre Pointe are required to wear their core class attire along with their pointe shoes.

*Every dancer’s hair should be pulled back into a bun. **NO JEWELRY!

**Students who aren’t dressed for class won’t be permitted to participate in class.


Performance Attire

Girls – Suntan/Nude-colored camisole and tights and ballet shoes, black jazz shoes, black jazz sneakers, black tap shoes.

Boys – Black ballet shoes, black jazz shoes, black jazz sneakers, black tap shoes.



One (1) class/week – $20/Bi-Weekly

Two (2) classes/week - $35/Bi-Weekly

Three (3) classes/week - $45/Bi-Weekly

Four (4) classes/week – $60/Bi-Weekly

Five (5) classes/week – $70/Bi-Weekly

Six (6) classes/week – $80/Bi-Weekly

Seven (7) classes/week – $90/Bi-Weekly

Eight (8) classes/week – $100/Bi-Weekly

Nine (9) classes/week – $110/Bi-Weekly

*Sibling Discount: 10% off each sibling’s tuition.

**Tuition is to be paid on the first day of classes of every two-week period.

Dancers will not be allowed to participate in class until tuition is paid. All accounts must up-to-date. (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Dancers’ absences do not affect their payment. Dancers must pay the same tuition whether they were present in class or not. Parents may request a make up day. However, make up days are dependent upon availability.

Dancers who register after the first week of classes are still required to pay the price of the whole semester. (Their bi-weekly payment will be adjusted.)



No talking unless you have a question for the teacher.

Disruptive and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Bad behavior will result with the student being expelled from the dance program.


Do not chew gum, eat, or drink during class. Do not leave the class to get a drink of water unless authorized by the teacher.

Do not arrive late. If you do, you need to check with the teacher to see if it’s okay for you to join or if they prefer that you just observe class.

If you have an injury prior to class, let the teacher know that you may not do everything full out.


If you get injured during class (i.e pull a muscle) let the teacher know. Get ice, if possible, and watch the rest of class from the sideline.

Do your best and have a positive attitude.

It is very important for students to maintain great personal hygiene. Students will be worked very hard and it’s vital for everyone to stay fresh.



As of right now, our recital is scheduled for Sunday, June 11th, 2017. Please expect for your children to be at the theater from 12:00pm-8:30pm.

Official time and location for the show will be announced at a later date.

There will be a MANDATORY mass rehearsal Thursday, May 25th, 2017 from 6pm-9pm, here at the studio.



The costume fee is $60/per class. The costume fee is to be paid in full by Saturday, March 25th, 2017.


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